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Combine that with your coupons, the stores weekly specials and savings days and you get free gas too! But check with any of the stores you shop with to see if they have a VIP card that is free for extra savings!

Do you need help coming up with a down payment on a new home? Did you know most states have a program directly from the government that grants money to first time home buyers?

The grants are substantial. To find out if you qualify, go to:

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Why not go Green with "The Queen of More Green," Jaci Rae? Jaci Rae can show you how to feed your family for under $10, save money And get things for free.

This is what just one person had to say about Jaci Rae and Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae had to say: "Jaci THANK YOU! This morning on my way to work, I caught some of your broadcast on the Denver, Colorado station '92.5 The Wolf'.

I used to be very thrifty and good with my money, using coupons and very seldomly going out to a place without a good deal coupon of some kind. I stopped taking the time to cut coupons a couple of years ago and since have been spending more money then we have available.

Hearing your inspiring and intelligent words of wisdom, I have come to realize I really did save a lot of money. I'm anxiously awaiting my clock out time from work so I can go buy a Sunday paper. Thank you for opening up and sharing your secrets to the public, it has opened my eyes to my past success. Yeah, it takes a little time to coordinate, but its worth it! Kendra, Denver, CO"

If you're tired of working hard and never getting ahead. Tired of paying too much money at the check out stand and at the gas pump. Tired of trying to work on a budget with a lot of debt over your head. You have come to the right spot. The secrets to saving money or getting things for free are right at your finger tips. Right now, you can get free things from Procter and Gamble on this page alone!

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The American dream of a steady job, a house of your own and extra money in the bank appears out of reach for many in today's economy. "Life is expensive, but living doesn't have to be." says Jaci Rae. While retirement in your 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's used to seem like a possibility, most people can't retire even when they reach their 70's and 80's with security.

Jaci Rae, who was raised in poverty and knows the value of a dollar, can show you that it doesn't have to be a struggle.

The tips and advice that Jaci Rae will share with you in Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae - How to Get Almost Anything for Free or Next to It are not 'get rich quick schemes' and there are no hidden costs. There are only straightforward strategies that are easy to understand. While saving money and getting things free will require effort, the rewards are great.

Do you want to travel the world but feel you don't have the money? Now you can do all this and more for less money than you ever dreamed possible. Sound too good to be true? Jaci Rae has done it and she wants to show you how you can do it too!

For the first time in history, people aren't worth more than they owe. Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae will show you how to save money on gas (and how you can get it for free). How you can purchase groceries for pennies on the dollar and in some cases receive them free.

If you are planning on college, this book can show you what colleges have the best scholarships and lists them, the amounts and where to apply. There is also a chapter devoted to strange and wacky scholarships available to anyone, even if you don't have a 4.0!

Jaci Rae will show you how to save on pet supplies, travel, cars, mortgage, baby items and food and clothing and much more. In addition, Jaci Rae will also show you how you can purchase name brand gifts and other goods for sales tax only.

Recently Jaci Rae went on a shopping spree and filled an entire truck, inside and out for under $400. If you want the same results then Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae - How to Get Almost Anything for Free or Next to It is the book for you. Below you will find the Table of Contents, but for now, here is Jaci Rae's story about why she wrote this book.

Read excerpts from Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae

Table of Contents for Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae - How to Get Almost Anything for Free or Next to It [PDF, 69KB]


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